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Freedom for Medical Professionals Summit

Expert Secrets to Navigate Stress, Beat Exhaustion, and Focus on What Matters!

Experts' Secrets to Navigate Stress,

Beat Exhaustion, & Focus on What Matters


-You've Conquered Survival Mode and
-Now It's Time to Bounce Back And Love Your Life!

-Rise above the stress patterns and commit to focus on what really matters!

-Let us show you how to change these stress patterns, even in high-stress situations!

I'm Doreen, Your Host!

Doreen Steenland is a Registered Nurse, International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, Chief Stress Pattern Buster, & Mental Fitness Expert.

Doreen’s diverse nursing experience and neuroscience training provide a unique approach to her coaching.

She is the founder of Living Full Life Coaching and empowers exhausted medical professionals to rise above their stress patterns, get anchored, and take charge of their life again. 

Why Should I Join?

1. We need YOU! Medicine needs you and we need the REAL you. Not, totally spent, survival mode you! We need the medical professionals who stand up for and love their profession instead of surviving it. This requires new tools for you to develop emotional agility. These tools will strengthen you for your journey so you can conserve your energy and feel balanced again.

2. You will learn how to “stress-less” by applying modern neuroscience techniques that will help you actively shift out of survival mode and into thrive mode.

3. This is a movement! A movement to empower Medical Professionals to BOUNCE BACK stronger. A movement to BE Present and Accounted for in ALL of YOUR LIFE! It’s time to LIVE a life you don’t need to escape from! Ignite your passion and revitalize your life! 

4. This is the first step towards taking care of yourself! Your brain has been programmed to put yourself second! Take back your power, your nervous system will thank you!

Check Our Attendee Testimonials

From Previous Summits

This summit has been phenomenal!

In my 42 years of practice I have only experienced bits and pieces of this kind of content and authentic support!

It's so validating and directly speaks to me. Thank you from the depth of my heart. 💜

Anonymous Survey Results

I loved the talks and have gone thru them on days off with pen and journal taking as much notes as possible. I just wish that you would make them available longer so as to finish doing just that plus sharing with others all or att least most of these talks with other colleagues that would greatly benefit.

This is really good stuff and the more I am able to share some of these talks, the more you and the speakers are put out there for others to inquire for help. It would be a win-win in my book.

Anonymous Survey Results

This was an excellent summit - the length of each guest’s presentation was perfect.

I enjoyed real-world examples esp from healthcare professional speaking of burnout and self compassion.

Bravo on the Summit!

Anonymous Survey Results

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