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  • As Chief Pattern Buster I'd love to walk alongside you to Get Anchored! We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. You can be anchored, firm and secure in your body, mind, soul & spirit.

    What if You Could Have Energy Left For Your Family, Quit The Self Sabotaging Stress Patterns, and Get Anchored (Even in High Stress Situations)?

    What if you Could Stop Beating Yourself Up & Start Sleeping Peacefully Through the Night?

    Imagine Disrupting the Root Cause Of Your Stress So That You Can Make Confident, Courageous Decisions!

    Discover the proven system to overcome stress and bust those patterns that keep you from adapting to the challenges of life so you can get off autopilot life and the full life. 

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    The Tug Of War Inside
    Your Head

     Voices from within and without screaming for us to do more and be more! What if you could learn how to create the peace of mind you are searching for?

    We run ourselves ragged and still feel like it's not 'enough'-like something is missing! The result is frustration! 

    You no longer need to be tossed to and fro by the waves of anxiety.  You can be anchored in the sea of chaos, with scientifically proven tools that work to turn down the volume of the internal chatter.

    Imagine changing the lens we are seeing the world through.....imagine changing your thinking and learning to think outside the box! Imagine developing emotional courage and confidence...it's a learned skill, instead of living in a  detached survival mode.

    Imagine sleeping through the night and bouncing out of bed in the morning confidently with no regrets.

    This can be your reality, you can shift the patterns that are so well worn in your brain, create new pathways of thinking, & make decisions that honor yourself and your dreams.

    Your Patterns Are Keeping You Stuck, Stressed-Out, & Feeling Overwhelmed... Mental Fitness Is Your Answer


    • Women who have let stress & anxiety become a habitual hum in the background of their lives

    • Those who can't sleep through the night, who are experiencing physical pain because of the tension, and don't wake up feeling refreshed.

    • Women who want more than pollyanna cliches to intercept the patterns that are no longer serving them.

    • Women who are sick and tired of selling themselves short on their goals and dreams. Those who want to trust themselves again!- 

    • Women who want peace of mind and confidence to turn down the internal voices that are keeping your stuck.


    • Those who want a quick fix for your problems; this program will create lasting change.

    • Those who want a positive mantra program, this program aligns with your personal values and beliefs.

    • Someone who believes they will instantly obtain peace simply because they enrolled. (Just like joining a gym requires you to show up, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!) Someone who is looking for a Counselor.

    It's All About The Shift!

    Available in Group or One:One Options

    The Secret Portal to Calm, Confident & Laser Focus

    Discover the connection between the brain & “overwhelm/exhaustion”

    The hidden key: paving the path to peace, even in high stress situations

    The two minute tool to transform your relationships, improve your performance, and kick stress to the curb

    The Easy Way to Unleash Your Power: Chain the Judgy Voice

    Discover The most common Self-sabotaging actions & Bust them to smithereens!

    The top three things you never knew about your go-to stress patterns

    How to confidently stop overdoing 

    Scientifically proven ways to get off the runaway train for good

    Simple techniques to reduce the physical symptoms in your body

    How to BE Present without absorbing the drama (even if you are highly empathetic)

    The number one way to kick anxiety, guilt and shame to the curb

    Your Questions Answered

    How does this program work? 
    The 3D Stress Crusher Method assists you along the way.

    YOU DISCOVER Your unique stress patterns. This program provides space to breathe and recognize your roadblocks. We all have them! Some of them have served us well for years, and now they are becoming disruptive to your peace, your physical and mental wellness.


    YOU DISCERN which of your   unique stress patterns you are willing to tackle, and which patterns need to be disrupted. Only you know what is getting in your way. Discerning this will empower you to reach your goals, maintain internal peace, improve your relationships, performance, and happiness. 

    YOU DECIDE how quickly you will make those changes. Mental Fitness is like going to the gym. Just walking in the gym door doesn't get the job done. It requires intention to live the life you want. You have more control over your life than you think! You get to choose which patterns will run your life. You get to choose which new pattern you want to strengthen.

    What results are other people having?
    Here's the data:

    · In the last Cohort of participants, there was a 90% improvement of physcial discomfort from stress related patterns.

    · Participants experienced 90% improvement with their sleep patterns.

    · Participants experienced a 70% improvement with their self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns In the first 90 days.  (It takes at least 66 days to build new neural pathways in the brain....this is what we call muscle building.)

    · Participants experienced a 70% improvement in their overconsumption of Alcohol, Overeating, Over shopping and over scrolling in 90 days.   

    · Participants experienced a 80% improvement in boundary setting & self compassion.

    · Participants experienced 90% improvement identifying triggers and knowing which tool to use when.  

    · 100% of participants said they would recommend this program to others.

    How does it work?

    You will have access to a client portal that houses the course content. There will be short instructional videos designed for busy women. There will be worksheets to help you think outside the box and get the most from the videos.  

    We will meet for your coaching group after the first weeks modules are completed and this is where the transformation happens. This is where we make new connections in your brain disrupting old patterns and habits that are now longer serving you. We learn best in community, and listenting to others questions and coaching helps to expand your own thinking as well.

    Daily 2 minute mental muscle building exercises that you can do anywhere to regain your balance and become grounded...even in the middle of high stress situations. 

    Do you have a guarantee?

    The numbers tell the story. This program delivers transformation.

    This program is like a gym membership. You will not get transformation if you do not show up for yourself and do the work.

    Likewise, if you do show up, you will build mental muscle and change your life from the inside out! Your relationships will improve, your performance will improve, your stress will decrease and your happiness levels will soar. 

    So, are you willing to hit the gym? Then I can guarantee your success. 

    What our members are saying..

    "Daily, I felt a lot of pressure. The second I got home, the tug of war began with my family, Working with Doreen changed everything. She helped me balance all the spinning plates and we designed strategies for gaining buy-in at home. Our family now functions as a family and I'm really clear-minded, instead of always feeling guilty. I'm no longer exhausted because I'm trying to be everything to everyone and can unplug when I get home and enjoy my family."

    Jennifer N.

    Founding Member of "Get Anchored"

    "I have so many tools now and love the practical aspect of the program. 

    I now have more than 5 powers I can tap into for every circumstance in life. I can tap into calm clear headed focus the middle of stressful situations.

    I can plan ahead instead of being a victim of life's ebbs and flows".

    Tami L

    Founding Member of "Get Anchored"

    "I lost my joy in life, between covid and my family's struggle my feelings went numb. I was “just there”. I had no excitement to plan new things, or to set and accomplish goals, or do the big things I've always wanted.  It is as if I have just been going thru the motions of the day.

    Doreen helped me to look inside myself and get to the root of the problem. 

    I've learned how to access the power within myself, change my patterns and my confidence increased because I have tools going forward."

    Debra N.

    Founding Member of "Get Anchored"


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