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Empowering you to support Your Employees

Reclaim Your Health, Energy & Joy

Rise Above Your Stress Patterns

And Survival Mode 

Your employees need this IF: 

  • They are chronically exhausted

  • Living with chronic stress patterns drains your energy. This chronic energy drain leads to employee burnout. There are tools to help your professionals learn to manage those energy leaks.

  • You notice team complaining and backbiting

  • Workload mismatches contribute to burnout in professionals. These are early warning symptoms that can be successful addressed. Your employees will discover psychological flexibility, resilience, and communication skills that move your organization forward together in our programs.

  • They complain of being stressed out

  • Stress is a normal part of healthcare, there is no question. The problem is when we use unhelpful patterns to manage that stress. These patterns lead to more sick days, higher healthcare costs and turnover.

  • You want to help, but you don't know where to begin

  • We offer bite sized educational and inspirational teaching for employees to navigate stress, beat exhaustion and focus on what really matters. This teaching taps into the wisdom of Internally known speakers, authors, scientists and thought leaders. We offer brain-based training and make it easy to understand by your employees and their family members.

Using Brain-based training, these professionals will be rejuvenated, refreshed and gain hope. This training builds trust between your team, enhance communication skills, psychological flexibility, resilience, and prevent burnout. Expert secrets will empower your employees to navigate stress, beat exhaustion and focus on what matters through pre-recorded 30- minute video sessions, in-person training, virtual training, coaching, and interactive, experiential learning. Your employees will find this material exciting, engaging, and a fun learning experience!

Workshops & Training

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Your Questions Answered

How will My Employees Access Your Material?

Your employees will have access to an educational portal with short and engaging video content, worksheets, and Q & A sessions. During these sessions your employees can receive individual help via zoom. They just log in at the assigned meeting time if they want the extra accountability and support, otherwise they can work at their own pace.

How will the Q & A Sessions Flow?

The Q & A sessions are designed to create connection, safety, and communication quickly. These sessions become a safe place for your employees to work through some of deepest obstacles to wellness and walk away with real life solutions. These Q & A's create space for your employees to really think through their limitations and work through practical implementation at a micro level. Run by a International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, Registered Nurse and Master Facilitator you can rest assured that your employees are in good hands.

Can I do this training at my own pace?

For those employees & family members who do not require support, they can complete the training at their own pace through the library. Each month will be a deep dive into a new topic. There will be worksheets for your employees and family members to enhance their learning.

What if my employees need on site training?

On-site training and facilitation experiences available upon request and are not included in the membership fee. We offer VIP days, Conferences, Workshops and Lunch and Learn opportunities.

Monthly Membership Fee

As the employer, you will pay a monthly membership fee, based on the size of your organizations needs. Your employees will have their own access to the learning lab during your membership to the employee wellness program. Please reach out to me for specific details.

What about Team Building Training?

We offer interactive, experiential learning labs that create connection, safety, innovation and creativity. Teams discover how to tap into the collective wisdom rapidly and create new mission, vision, policies, and procedures together.

Autonomy creates buy-in and reduces threat! Why not have a skilled professional lead your facilitation experience and create real team collaboration? We offer VIP days, Conferences, Workshops and Lunch and Learn opportunities.

Workshops & Training

Discover | Discern | Decide


You get to discover more about the group, and more about yourself. Imagine knowing why you think the way you do and do the things you do every day. In this environment, everyone collaborates and gets the feel of opening up in front of a crowd without judgment or conclusions. Discover the art of tapping into collective wisdom to solve problems in your organization. We've been told that teams got more accomplished in 3 hours than in the last 3 years!


Discern which stress pattern is keeping your organization from reaching your goals in leadership, in your family and in your life. Imagine knowing exactly which thing needs to be tackled first and developing a plan to get it done. 


This is the step where I challenge you disrupt those stress patterns so you're always ready to make changes that stick. Our interactive, experiential learning creates team connection, engagement, and transformation.


How to Develop the Core Mental Muscles to Thrive in Challenging Times

Manage Stress Using Neuroscience

Beating Burnout: A Transformational Coaching Experience

We have Hundreds of Expert Tips and Training

These are just a few of our experts who begin the dialogue for your employee training to begin.

Doreen Steenland, Stress Pattern Buster Coach & RN

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