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One:One Transformational Coaching Program

🔹 Advanced Mental Fitness Work

🔹 Inner Strength Training

🔹 Coaching Calls with Doreen on a Three Month Retainer

🔹 PQ app with Exercises, Christian PQ app Version, New Video Lessons, Worksheets and Assessments

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Your Patterns Are Keeping You Stuck, Stressed-Out, & Feeling Overwhelmed...

Mental Fitness Is Your Answer

🔹 The breakthrough contribution of Positive Intelligence research is through factor analysis to discover the core factors that impact both performance and wellbeing. This research revealed that there are only 10 negative response factors (10 Saboteurs) and only 5 positive response factors (5 Sage powers).

🔹 Discovering these root-level factors of performance and wellbeing dramatically simplifies personal and professional development. 

🔹 Intercepting one’s Saboteur and activating one’s Sage automatically results in a wide array of impacts including stress management, relationship improvement, performance, selling and persuasion, creativity, leadership, resilience, and happiness.

🔹 This is because we are rewiring the brain at the root level rather than treating symptoms.

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It's All About The Shift!

Available in Group or One:One Options

The Secret Portal to Calm, Confident & Laser Focus

🔹 Discover the connection between the brain & “overwhelm/exhaustion”

🔹 The hidden key: paving the path to peace, even in high stress situations

🔹 The two minute tool to transform your relationships, improve your performance, and kick stress to the curb

The Easy Way to Unleash Your Power: Chain the Judgy Voice

🔹 Discover The most common Self-sabotaging actions & Bust them to smithereens!

🔹 The top three things you never knew about your go-to stress patterns

🔹 How to confidently stop overdoing 

Scientifically proven ways to get off the runaway train for good

🔹 Simple techniques to reduce the physical symptoms in your body

🔹 How to BE Present without absorbing the drama (even if you are highly empathetic)

🔹 The number one way to kick anxiety, guilt and shame to the curb


  • Women who have let stress & anxiety become a habitual hum in the background of their lives

  • Those who can't sleep through the night, who are experiencing physical pain because of the tension, and don't wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Women who want more than pollyanna cliches to intercept the patterns that are no longer serving them.

  • Women who are sick and tired of selling themselves short on their goals and dreams.  Those who want to trust themselves again!

  • Women who want peace of mind and confidence to turn down the internal voices that are keeping your stuck.


  • Those who want a quick fix for your problems; this program will create lasting change.

  • Those who want a positive mantra program, this program aligns with your personal values and beliefs.

  • Someone who believes they will instantly obtain peace simply because they enrolled. (Just like joining a gym requires you to show up, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!) Someone who is looking for a Counselor.



As a Registered Nurse, I've had a wide variety of expereince throughout my lifetime. From Critical Care-→ER→NP role→Investigative Nursing→Corporate Health & Wellness→

School Nursing→Private Practice Experience.

Adding International Coaching Federation Certification for Coaching, along with multiple specialty certifications in NeuroscienceIPNB, Trauma-Informed Coaching, Somatic Training

And More....

I'm honored to empower you!


Each human is unique and we all come to the situation with our own unique perspectives & biases. You can get to the root cause of what drives those perspectives and what drives the your actions.  

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. I'm passionate about helping my clients learn how to make the up times last—and minimize or eliminate the down times? How you view life affects your overall happiness, success, and the depth of your relationships. Your brain will always seek to prove your right!


I believe you can change your brain and it's patterns. I believe that your stress patterns no longer need to rule your life. I believe that there is so much more to life than you are currently experiencing.  

I believe you can learn to be present and enjoy your family. I believe you can reach your goals. I believe you have the answers inside you, we just need to learn how to access them!

I believe you can live an anchored life and no longer tossed to and fro in the waves of uncertainty. I believe you can live calm, confident, curious, & courageous lives.

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