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Secrets To Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way

🔹 Break any bad habit and make it stick!

🔹Build confidence to develop mental shortcuts that work

🔹 Build new habits that help you succeed 

🔹 Break the shame and guilt cycle

🔹 Intercept your patterns without white knuckling it.

🔹 Self Study with 5 Video Lessons and Worksheets to kick start your course

Your Patterns Are Keeping You Stuck, Stressed-Out, & Feeling Overwhelmed...

Mental Fitness Is Your Answer



As a Registered Nurse, I've had a wide variety of expereince throughout my lifetime. From Critical Care-→ER→NP role→Investigative Nursing→Corporate Health & Wellness→

School Nursing→Private Practice Experience.

Adding International Coaching Federation Certification for Coaching, along with multiple specialty certifications in NeuroscienceIPNB, Trauma-Informed Coaching, Somatic Training

And More....

I'm honored to empower you!


Each human is unique and we all come to the situation with our own unique perspectives & biases. You can get to the root cause of what drives those perspectives and what drives the your actions.  

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. I'm passionate about helping my clients learn how to make the up times last—and minimize or eliminate the down times? How you view life affects your overall happiness, success, and the depth of your relationships. Your brain will always seek to prove your right!


I believe you can change your brain and it's patterns. I believe that your stress patterns no longer need to rule your life. I believe that there is so much more to life than you are currently experiencing.  

I believe you can learn to be present and enjoy your family. I believe you can reach your goals. I believe you have the answers inside you, we just need to learn how to access them!

I believe you can live an anchored life and no longer tossed to and fro in the waves of uncertainty. I believe you can live calm, confident, curious, & courageous lives.

I'd be honored empower you to write a new story for your life! 

Are you ready to Change Your Brain, One Thought At A Time?

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